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​​​​​ElbowRoom2Go has everything you need for your trip!  With ElbowRoom2Go....no more hassles!  Have all the space you need in comfort. Have a place for your iPad, cell phone, drink, and elbows!  You actually give the person next to you more room as you do not need the armrests for your seat! Soon everyone that travels will have Elbow Room 2 Go!  This is so exciting for people who use air travel!  The testimonies have been totally positive and favorable!  

ElbowRoom2Go will make your trip to anywhere in the world feel like First-Class!  It is pleasurable, peaceful, comfortable, private, and restful. Put an end to Elbow Wars! People hogging the armrest, and strangers falling asleep on your shoulder! 

​Elbow Room 2 Go is a device that easily slides in between you and your armrest. 

It is lightweight, streamlined, and sturdy!

It will last a lifetime!  

 First-Class​​​​​ Commercial Transportation For Life!

 ElbowRoom2Go is portable, it fits in the front pocket of your carry-on luggage.  Roll it to your seat, slide ER2G in and enjoy your own space and no encroaching on the people next to you!  It takes less than a half-inch of space!

It is revolutionizing air travel! ElbowRoom2Go

has accessories!  It has 4 levels with the accessories!

 #1 Elbow Rest/Sleep Aid

#2 iPad Holder

#3 Single or Dual Drink Holder

#4 Cell Phone etc. Storage